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These compounds were first discovered by Nobel Prize-winning biochemist Alber Szent-Gyorgi. Flavonoids are responsible for the bluish-purple colors of many fruits, vegetables, flowers, and outer skins of nuts such as the peanuts. The flavonoid compound, 2"-O-GIV was first isolated by Osawa et. al. in 1992 from young barley grass juice and are thought to possess potent antioxidant activity.

Over the last decade, 2"-O-GIV has been well-studied by Dr. Takayuki Shibamoto and colleagues at the University of California, Davis. They have found that 2"-O-GIV, present only in young barley grass, is a potent antioxidant. Similar to other flavonoids, 2"-O-GIV may help support the antioxidant actions of vitamin C.



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